Environment Friendly & Tapeless Corrugated Shipping Box

Wing box is an enhanced version of currently existing packaging boxes. It is designed to be assembled without the use of tape, convenient and environment friendly. 
Wing Box protects your valuables in the meantime provides ultimate protection to our environment.

What is Wing Box ?

Wing Box – Packaging box vowed to make a different!

Wing Box is a result of continuous research and development efforts  by  Wingpack and ACE Machinery which has the ultimate solution for seamless packaging process. 


Positive Corporate Image

Promote company as one of the supporters of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle effort.

Prevent Damages

Prevent possible damage during unpack process using knives or other tools.

Convenient Packing & Unpacking

Self-sealing function enables convenient box packing and unpacking.

Cost Effective

Reduce overall cost in packaging process by eliminating the need of conventional tapes, scissors or other tools.

Enhanced Efficiency

Reduced work time with 30% increased efficiency

Certified Eco-Friendly Material

Wing Box is produced using certified eco-friendly materials.

Impress your clients, surprise your customers.

How to fold Wing Box.

Wing Box Feature 

Convenient packing and unpacking boxes


Two different top and bottom that keep valuable secure and safe.

Single Wing 

Box easily secured by one single wing.

Twin Wings

The box is secured by two wings on the side.


Best Eco Product Award 2018

Won Best Eco Product Award in designing competition organized by the Ministry of Environment Republic of Korea.

Korea Star Awards 2019

Star Award during the 13th outstanding packaging technology competition organized by South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Wing Box Patent

Impact Resistance Certification

Sustainable Technology Certificate

A sustainable technology certified by NICE.